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Pathways celebrates 200 new citizens

On April 25, Pathways’ 200th citizenship client took her oath and became a U.S. citizen, marking a life-changing milestone for her and for Pathways to Citizenship.

“I am so proud that our small nonprofit has been able to help 200 people become citizens,” says Alyssa Weeks, Pathways’ volunteer coordinator and legal representative. “The opportunities and security that come with citizenship have a huge impact on our clients and also on their family members, their friends, and on our whole community.”

During the past two years, Pathways expanded its legal services to include affirmative asylum and adjustment of status, which enables more eligible immigrants to work toward their dream of U.S. citizenship. “Our clients come from all over the world,” said executive director Sonya Williams. “Citizenship is the finish line at the end of a long, complicated, and often painful journey. One thing our clients have in common is that they don’t take freedom or opportunity for granted. They want to contribute to our community and our country.”

San Diego County and the City of Solana Beach are partnering with Pathways to expand access to legal services for eligible low-income immigrants and refugees. “We’re building the foundation for a robust legal volunteer program, which will enable us to represent more vulnerable clients,” stated Williams. As one of the few legal immigration nonprofits in North County San Diego, Pathways depends on volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to help legal representatives file pro-bono legal cases, prepare clients for citizenship interviews, and practice their English.

Pathways’ staff, board, volunteers and students celebrate when a new citizen achieves their goal. “Achieving citizenship empowers our clients to continue learning, working hard, and dreaming big,” says Goretty Enriquez, a Pathways legal representative. “I love seeing their smiles and how proud they feel when they hold their citizenship certificate.”

Pathways to Citizenship is a nonprofit law center dedicated to helping eligible immigrants and refugees navigate the complex legal and cultural pathways to U.S. citizenship. To learn more, volunteer, or support immigrants on their path to citizenship, visit


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