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Providing Pandemic Relief to Immigrant Families

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Together with local partners, North County Immigration and Citizenship Center (NCICC) launched the Neighbor Relief Project to assist families affected by COVID-19.

NCICC staff counsel out of work families to help them stay safe, avoid eviction, manage online schooling, and apply for resources. NCICC also has provided financial support to more than 60 local families for rent, utilities and food.

Since late March, NCICC’s DOJ-certified, bilingual staff members have checked in personally with more than 200 immigrant families in North County San Diego. Many of these families have at least one person out of work, if not more.

“During normal times, we provide legal immigration services and education,” says Sonya Williams, NCICC’s executive director. “However, our immigrant community is experiencing unprecedented job loss. Many of the hardworking immigrant families we work with live paycheck to paycheck, and job loss is devastating.”

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