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Milestones from the past year: April 2020 - March 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Welcomed 20 new citizens (bringing total to 82); filed 26 new citizenship applications

Expanded legal services to include family-based immigration and adjustment of status.

Implemented a legal practice management system.

Submitted 8 grant proposals; awarded 5 grants.

Implemented citizenship and ESL virtual tutoring programs; doubled the number of active tutors.

Started a weekly Conversation Hour where clients and students practice their English.

Formed a partnership with Bridge Builders Network to assist Syrian refugees with citizenship.

Partnered with Casa Cornelia to help their asylum clients adjust status.

Partnered with St. Leo’s/St James’ Faith in Action Committee to educate local immigrants on changes to immigration policy, the citizenship process, and our agency.

Initiated a name-change process to identify and reflect our unique value proposition.

Provided $40,000 in emergency rental and food assistance for immigrant families who lost jobs due to the pandemic.

Partnered with Community Serve 365 to provide 80 families with weekly grocery gift cards, hold a Thanksgiving dinner drive-through distribution, CSD collection, etc.

Partnered with La Colonia de Eden Gardens and Disconnect Collective to provide toys, games and books to kids quarantining at home.

Provided struggling families (including those quarantining with COVID) with hot meals, groceries, computers, printers, beds, cribs, refrigerators, baby supplies, clothes and Christmas gifts, as well as referrals, counseling, application and vaccination assistance.

Redesigned website to be more user-friendly; created profiles & news content.

Published 6 articles in local papers.

Created LinkedIn & Instagram accounts; published updates to FB, LI, Instagram, etc.

Consolidated email marketing/newsletters to MailChimp and doubled audience size.

Created and implemented a successful #GivingTuesday campaign.

Held first new citizens photoshoot; gifted family portraits.

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