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“I felt like I had done something worthwhile.”

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Meet Jasmine! Jasmine has been volunteering as a citizenship tutor with NCICC for almost a

year. Jasmine loves using her passion for history and government to help her community. She

enjoys helping students connect ideas instead of memorizing separate facts. She believes this

helps students understand what the questions on the citizenship test actually mean, and why they are relevant to becoming a U.S. citizen. Of her tutoring experience, she says, “the most

rewarding part of being a tutor has been seeing people come back after passing the citizenship

exam.” She remembers the feeling of finding out that her first student passed the citizenship test, “I felt like I had done something worthwhile.” To Jasmine, NCICC is about helping people in

uncertain situations feel more secure. It’s about helping people who have busy schedules, with

little time to think about anything other than taking care of their families, to have a simple and

straightforward path to citizenship. Jasmine recognizes the beauty and importance of the NCICC

community, “It’s a community where people meet other people who are going through the exact

same thing as they are. That is so important.” Thank you, Jasmine, for volunteering with us! We

appreciate your efforts and the deep care you have for your students.

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